My BSA Biography

I wrote the basis for the following page when I was awarded (notice I DIDN'T say "earned") the Silver Beaver Award.

I joined Cub Scouts as a boy in 1954 (on my eighth birthday, the earliest it was possible to join in those days) in Farmingdale, New York (in what is now the Teddy Roosevelt Council) in Cub Pack 57, chartered to St Kilian's Roman Catholic Church. I earned the Webelos Badge (equivalent to the modern Arrow of Light).

He transferred to Boy Scout Troop 57 where he became a Tenderfoot - for 2 years!

Many years later, I ended up living in Long Beach in the house next to Will J Reid on Daisy Avenue. As I was returning to my house from the hospital with my wife, daughter, and new-born son in November, 1979, I was accosted by my neighbor, Don Jacobs, "the world's oldest Cub Scout", and told that now that I had a son, I needed to join the Boy Scouts. I responded that I would - when my son was eligible to join (or at least able to walk)!

In June 1986 I received a phone call from the Cubmaster of Pack 199 (Tincher Elementary), and was informed that my son was eligible to join the Cub Scouts - and would I like to help work at a Pack garage sale that weekend? (I did.) I went through Cub Scouts with my son Jonathan, serving as Pack "gopher" and as Webelos Den Leader, earning the Cub Scouter Award and the Webelos Den Leader Award.

I "graduated" with my son into Troop 264 (Los Altos United Methodist Church) as Assistant Scoutmaster, then as Scoutmaster. During this time I started Woodbadge Course WE4-32-91 as a Rare Raven, but had to drop out when my mother passed away. The following year, I joined WE4-58-92 as a Buffalo ("The Buffalo is out standing in the field!"), and was beaded in 1994. During this tenure, I earned the Scouter's Training Award. I was with 264 until the Spring of 1996, when the troop died. With my son, I moved to Troop 67 (St Cyprian's), and did not go to Philmont with my son that summer. (A little philosophy here -- I wanted it to be his show, and thought that he didn't need his old man hanging around.) I started as an Assistant Scoutmaster, and eventually became the troop's Advancement Chair, "advancing" to District and Council Advancement Chair. Somewhere in the process, I became the Chairman of the Council's Eagle Board of Review.

My son became an Eagle Scout in 1997 and left for college (where he joined Alpha Phi Omega). My daughter Kimberly, a Girl Scout Gold Awardee, formed and led a Den of underprivileged boys for Voyageur's Area Council (northern Wisconsin and Minnesota) while a college student. My wife Pat is a long-time Girl Scout volunteer, and worked for six years for the Greater Long Beach Girl Scout Council as Product Sales (calendars, nuts, and cookies) Manager.

At this point, I've dropped back to working as a volunteer on the Long Beach Area Council's Eagle Board of Review (I still know the rules!).

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